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President al’Assad receives Lavrentiev, talks deal with strategic relations

President Bashar al-Assad received on Thursday Alexander Lavrentiev, the special envoy for president Vladimir Putin of Russia and an accompanying delegation.

Talks during the meeting dealt with the strategic relations between Syria and Federal Russia and means of expanding them in the interest of both peoples and countries.

The talks also dealt with the latest situation in the region and the efforts exerted by Russia to support Syrian people in the face of terrorism and sanctions, based on its firm stance on the need to respect the principles of international law and the will of peoples and to adopt dialogue as a basic and only way to find solutions to problems and crises in the world.

The discussions tackled the latest developments in the political track, particularly through Astana meetings and the Committee of Discussing the Constitution.

Lavrentiev briefed President al-Assad on the ongoing preparations for holding the next meeting in the form of Astana track, with the two sides affirming the need to continue work on this track without any external interference that may obstruct reaching positive results through these meetings.
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