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Equestrian Ahmad Hamshou to hoist Syria’s flag at Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

The Syrian Olympic Committee has chosen equestrian Ahmed Hamshou to hoist the national flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, which will be held on July 23rd.

The choice of equestrian Hamshou came in view of the position that equestrian sport enjoys at the global level and the achievements and championships that Hamshou has achieved in recent years.

Hamshou said: “When you are chosen to hoist the flag of your country anywhere, this is without a doubt the greatest feeling that you can live.”

He noted that he will do his best during the competitions to present an honorable image of the Syrian equestrian and achieve an advanced position and a good achievement.

Equestrian Hamshou occupies the 63rd place in the world rankings of the International Equestrian Federation, and this is his second participation in the Olympic Games after London 2012 Olympics. He has participated in many Arab, international, and local tournaments.
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