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Syrian youth enters Guinness World Records for acting

A Syrian youth, Anas Shujaa entered Guinness World Records by presenting a monodrama theatrical performance for three hours and seven minutes continuously in Arabic, Spanish and English.

Shujaa, who resides in Spain, said that he managed to break a record where no one has done it before by presenting a show that embodied the life of a young man, who travels from his country and headed to Europe due to the war to face his destiny and struggle the life with different ways.

He added that his performance aims to convey a message that the human being is able to achieve the best if he has the will.

He expressed his happiness of this achievement, affirming that he aspires to take further steps in the acting domain, the most important of which is to make an international Syrian name in the field of acting.

He is currently preparing for a short film which will start its filming in a few months, he noted.

He concluded by stressing that Syria is a country of art and civilizations, and its people are creative wherever they are, highlighting the need to confirm the Syrian presence in all international forums.
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