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Thousands of students take part in annual carnival of Damascus medical and engineering

Thousands of students participated on Monday in the annual university carnival, which brought together students of medical and engineering faculties at the University of Damascus and concluded with a basketball match in an enthusiastic atmosphere at al-Jalaa Sports City.

The carnival, which was organized by the National Union for Syrian Students, set off from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in al-Baramkeh, passing through the customs and Umayyad squares and the Mazzeh highway towards al-Jalaa Sports City. Later, a basketball match was held between two teams representing the aforementioned colleges and it ended with the engineering colleges team winning 58/49 points.

Eng. Iyad Talib, a member of the Executive Office of the National Union for Syrian Students and Head of the Sports Activity Office, said in an interview with  that “ It is a day of sports for all students who affirm through their participation that life continues with all its details as they has withstood at universities during the war on Syria.

He added that the goal of the carnival is to raise the spirit of honest competition among students, stir them to communicate with each other in a positive way, and attract the largest possible number of talented students who are excelled at certain sports.
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