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A national stand in Qamishli countryside in rejection of Turkish and US occupation forces

The locals in Safia village in Qamishli countryside have staged a national stand in rejection of the illegitimate presence of US and Turkish occupation forces as they undermine the security in the region, and they plunder its resources.

During the stand, the locals raised national flags and banners condemning the illegitimate presence of the US and Turkish occupation forces, and chanting slogans against the occupation forces and their mercenaries.

“The locals in the Syrian Jazeera region stand united against the illegal foreign interference in Syria”, Sheikh Hussein al-Hissou from al-Rashid Clan said.

He added “the Syrian people, with all their spectrum, reject the American and Turkish presence and denounce the brutal practices against our people in Tal Tamir and Ras al-Ayn.”
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