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President al-Assad to a joint delegation from Russia and the Donetsk Republic .. Syria and Russia are fighting one battle against one enemy

President Bashar al-Assad received today a joint delegation from the Russian Federation and the Donetsk People’s Republic headed by Deputy Dmitry Sablin, head of the Russian side in the Syrian-Russian Parliamentary Friendship Committee, and Donetsk Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

The delegation briefed President al-Assad on the situation in the Donbass region and the latest developments regarding Russian Special Military Operation to defend civilians in that region in the face of the crimes committed by the extremist Nazis there, and the efforts exerted to the return of the people to their cities after the situation in many areas has stabilized and reconstruction has begun.

The delegation members expressed their will to boost strengthen relations with Syria in all fields and to raise their level, as the Donetsk Foreign Minister handed President al-Assad a message from President Denis Pushilin related to this framework. His Excellency welcomed what was stated in President Pushilin’s message and expressed Syria’s readiness to start working to raise relations with the Donetsk Republic to the political level.

President al-Assad congratulated the delegation on liberating the greatest part of the Donbass region, stressing that Russia and Syria are fighting one battle against one enemy, and that the United States is who runs the terrorists and neo-Nazis.

President al-Assad said that the main and biggest battle is against the hegemonic policies pursued by the West, which believes that it is the center and wants to run the world according to its interests. Therefore, countries that defend their sovereignty must build strong relationships among themselves in a way that enhances their positions and achieves the interests of their peoples.
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