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President al-Assad receives Arab writers and writers

President Bashar al-Assad considered that talking with thinkers and writers means talking with the mind of the nation and the mind of the people, stressing keenness to meet with popular organizations and unions, because it reflects the true image of the Arab peoples and expresses the pulse of the Arab street.

During his reception of participants in the meeting of Arab writers and writers held in Damascus, His Excellency indicated that the most dangerous thing that the Arab region can face is the loss of identity, and that what is happening in Syria is not a war against it in the narrow sense. Rather, we must see this war in the larger sense, which is war.  on affiliation.

President al-Assad also considered that part of the war we are facing is related to the terminology that is being marketed by the West, as there are thinkers in our region who did not comprehend the danger of these terms and therefore could not dismantle them.  Our affiliation with Arabism in its general and comprehensive civilized sense.
President al-Assad stressed the importance of intellectual dialogue because we must not separate thought from politics and society, and we must think about what is the universal personality that we are working on in order to build people and enhance belonging to the land and nations, noting that the more work must be done to support the intellectual, we must work on a topic  Raising the level of society from an intellectual point of view, and that the intellectual should not be in one place and the citizen in another.

In turn, Arab writers and writers emphasized that their presence in Syria is not for the sake of holding a periodic meeting only, but to talk about Arabism in the comprehensive and civilized sense that embraces all, and to discuss the Arab situation and the issues of the nation.  Cultural security, which has become a necessity for Arab national security.

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