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Authorities uncover workshop for manufacturing IEDs in Sweida

Authorities uncover workshop for manufacturing IEDs in Sweida

Golan Times

written by : Suhad ALaawar

Authorities in Sweida province uncovered a workshop used by terrorists for manufacturing IEDs in Ateel town in the northern countryside of the province

Source said that the authorities on Tuesday raided a furniture workshop which had been used to manufacture IEDs in Ateel town, where a terrorist identified as Ahmad Al-qudaymi from Daraya was making the IEDs and concealing them inside furniture sets.

In the other hand , that initial information indicated that the terrorist acquired the materials involved in manufacturing explosives from his brother, a terrorist identified as Mohammad yasin Al-qudaymi who is residing in Seida town in the eastern countryside of Daraa ,

the source added that the workers in the furniture workshop are being questioned and three others from Aleppo who are working in the shop of batteries called Aldarwesh for batteries to find out which terrorist groups they deal with.

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