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The Syrian Army target ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor

The Syrian Army target ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor

Golan Times

Written by : Suhad Alaawar

The Syrian Army Air Force carried out intensive airstrikes on the ISIS movement axes and positions in al-Thardah Valley, al-Jafra village and in the surrounding of the Cemeteries area in Deir Ezzor,

killing and injuring a number of ISIS terrorists in addition to destroying their armored vehicles and machine-guns equipped cars.

The source said that the army artillery force targeted ISIS in the surroundings of the Airport, al-Howeiqa crossing, al-Thardah Valley and al-Bghiliyeh village ,also in the surrounding of the Panorama, west of 137 regiment, the water resources, al-Knamat crossing and al-Bghiliyeh village, inflicting heavy losses of the terrorists in personnel and equipment.

Meanwhile, local sources said that a number people of al-Kataf area at the outskirts of Abu Kamal city clashed with ISIS terrorist group, killing 3 ISIS terrorists and burning a car they were driving

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