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Eight people injured in terrorist blast in Sweida

Eight people injured in terrorist blast in Sweida

Golan Times

By : Suhad Alaawar

In a new breach of the memorandum on de-escalation zones, eight people were injured, when explosive devices planted by terrorists went off in the northwestern countryside of Sweida province.

A source at Sweida Police Command said that three explosive devices were remotely detonated by terrorists on Sunday morning on the road of Majadel/Um al-Zaitoun while a bus was passing by, injuring 8 of the passengers,among of them tow children and the bus driver Anwar shalgheen as well as causing big material damage to the bus.

The source added that the injured were transported to the National Hospital to receive the required treatment, indicating that they sustained wounds of varying severity.

On other hand ,The engineering units dismantled two other explosive devices at the same site weighing about 20 kg, according to the source.

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