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Deir Ezzor governor: Jubilation in city over Syrian army’s advance

Deir Ezzor governor: Jubilation in city over Syrian army’s advance

After more than three years of besiegement, residents of Deir Ezzor city are impatiently awaiting the break of the ISIS-imposed blockade and carefully following up the victories of the Syrian Army on all the battling axes in the countryside of Deir Ezzor Province, Governor Mohammad Ibrahim said on Monday.

He pointed out in a statement that Deir Ezzor witnessed Sunday evening celebrations and jubilation over the advance of the Syrian Army towards the outskirts of the besieged city.

“The residents of the war-torn city have endured the lack of food and the daily terrorist attacks with mortar shells, not to mention the sacrifices of the martyrs from the city who died defending the homeland,” he added.

“But today, they are filled with joy waiting to welcome the heroes of the Army, who are going to break the siege,” he continued to say.

Ibrahim recalled that “despite the siege, establishments of Deir Ezzor continued to work… for instance, the bakeries produce some 25 tons of bread daily and about 1000 bread packages are distributed for free, water is bumped weekly and the medical center and the Military Hospital are open for 24 hours, and a pharmacy, which opened two months ago, provides medicine for free.

He said that an oxygen plant was established for distributing oxygen cylinders to the hospitals, clarifying that an amount of 41,000 tons of wheat and some 70,000 liters of diesel are provided to the bakeries monthly and 100 tons of relief aid is weekly distributed to the residents.

Golan Times
By :Suhad Alaawar

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