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Army Command announces restoration of security to Deir Ezzor city

Army Command announces restoration of security to Deir Ezzor city

The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces announced on Friday the restoration of security and stability to the city of Deir Ezzor.
“After a series of accurate operations, the units of our armed forces, in cooperation with the supporting and allied forces, have accomplished their tasks of restoring security and stability to Deir Ezzor city,” the General Command said in a statement.

Earlier on the day, a military source announced that the entire Deir Ezzor city has been fully liberated after the last positions of ISIS in it were eliminated.

The statement of the army’s General Command highlighted the importance of this achievement in terms of Deir Ezzor’s strategic location as it connects the eastern region with the northern and central regions and constitutes a main passage between the Badia (desert) and al-Jazira towards the brotherly Iraq, in addition to the city’s economic importance as an agricultural area and a major oil and gas tank.

The General Command pointed out that the liberation of Deir Ezzor “constitutes the final stage” in the complete elimination of ISIS terrorist organization in Syria, especially that it was the main stronghold of the organization’s leaders and by losing control over it “it completely loses the ability to lead the terrorist operations of its groups that have become isolated and encircled in the eastern countryside of the city

The army’s Command stressed that it will “continue the war on the remaining terrorists of ISIS and other terrorist organizations until restoring security and stability to the entire territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

Golan Times
By : Suhad Alaawar.”

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