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Shaaban: Turkish and US invading forces came to replace terrorism in northern Syria

Shaaban:  Turkish and US invading forces came to replace terrorism in northern Syria

Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said on Wednesday that Zionism is linked to terrorism and therefore “the war against terrorism is also a war against Zionism.”

Shaaban made these remarks during a press conference following a political seminar held by Al-Quds International Foundation – Syria branch at Al-Assad National Library within the activities of al-Quds Cultural Day.

The Advisor, who is the head of the board of trustees of Al-Quds Foundation – Syria branch, affirmed that resisting occupation in Palestine and terrorism in Syria are the same resistance against one enemy, adding that the historical documents presented in the seminar illustrate the plans of the Zionist enemy against Syria from many years ago, which were the cause of the current events, particularly what happened to Palmyra.

She explained that when the resistance alliance began to win the battle against terrorism on Syrian soil, countries that support terrorism began to mobilize their forces, whether the Turkish or US invading forces, which came to replace terrorism in northern Syria.

The seminar was attended by MPs, ambassadors of friendly countries, representatives of embassies in Damascus, representatives of Palestinian factions and organizations, researchers, and academics.

Golan Times
By Suhad Alaawar

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