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Syrian karate referee Qazma gets new international referee badge

Syrian karate referee Qazma gets new international referee badge

Syrian international karate referee, Hafez Qazma, has got the international referee badge in Kumite competition during his participation in the international referee course which was held as part of the International tournament of Karate in the United Arab Emirates.

Head of Karate Federation, Jihad Maya said that with respect to the importance of the Syrian presence in international championships and raising the Syrian flag high in international forums, the federation worked for overcoming all difficulties for the participation of the Syrian international referees Hafez Qazma and Mahfouz Jazaeri in referee of competitions of the International tournament of Karate in Dubai.

Hafez Qazma, Mahfouz Jazaeri and Amjad Obaid are among the Karate Federation’s distinguished international referees .

In a relevant context, Chairman of the General Sports Federation, Mowafaq Jum’a, said that the Syrian sport proved to all that it is capable of competing in the strongest international forums, adding that the national teams will continue to achieve sports achievements.

In a statement to news at the conclusion of the central Karate coaching course, Jum’a added that the Karate Federation is active locally and internationally and in all its participation in various championships, it managed to gain different medals.

Jum’a hailed the remarkable presence of Syrian karate sport over the past years emphasizing that this sport gains a great interest by the Sports Federation where it seeks to secure the training equipment, bring exports and delegate coaches and referees aboard to improve their skills.

Golan Times
By: Suhad Alaawar

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