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Informed sources: Scenario of the use of chemical weapon appears again in Ghouta

Informed sources: Scenario of the use of chemical weapon appears again in Ghouta

Informed sources on Thursday said that the scenario of the use of chemical weapons appears again in Ghouta by the terrorist organizations in coincidence with Washington and Paris feverish attempts at the United Nations Security Council to target Syria.

In light of the accelerated collapses in the ranks of terrorists due to the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and raising the national flag by citizens in Ghouta to announce their support to the national state, the fabrications and accusations appeared again to defame Syrian citizens in Ghouta and demand the western interference, the sources said.

On Wednesday, the UN Security Council held a closed-door meeting at the request of France and Britain on the situation in Syria.
At the end of the meeting a press statement was released calling for the implementation of the UNSC no. 2401.

The sources said that in response to this ugly scenario, our citizens in Ghouta took to the streets and demonstrated in rejection of terrorists, raising the national flag in many areas in the towns of Ghouta.

Terrorists who fabricate such accusations, according to the sources, do not belong to the citizens of Ghouta and they aim at trading with the blood of the Syrian citizens of children and women through this uncovered scenario.

Detention of the people in Ghouta by terrorists is to exploit them and justify these scenarios and accusations, the sources said

It added that the adoption of the international organizations and some western countries and their media outlets to those fabrications encourage terrorists to continue using the civilians as hostages and human shields.

Golan Times
By: Suhad Alaawar


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