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Syrian Army targets “Jaish al-Islam” positions following their shelling attacks on Damascus and its surroundings

Syrian Army targets “Jaish al-Islam” positions following their shelling attacks on Damascus and its surroundings

Syrian Arab Army units targeted with precision and concentrated strikes on Friday afternoon “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists’ positions in Douma city in Eastern Ghouta in response to the terrorists’ attacks on the residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its surroundings.

A military source said that Jaish al-Islam terrorists – after obstructing the agreement that stipulated for Jaish al-Islam terrorists leaving Douma and releasing the abductees – fired shells at al-Assad residential suburb and al-Wafideen corridor, injuring civilians and causing material damage.

The source said that the Syrian Air Force responded to the sources of the shelling attacks, pointing out that Jaish al-Islam terrorists are obstructing the agreement and refusing to release the abductees held captive in Douma city.

The aforementioned Douma agreement stipulates that Jaish al-Islam terrorists leave Douma for Jarablos to allow state institutions back into the city, as well as releasing all abducted military personnel and civilians, turning over the bodies of martyrs, and handing over heavy and medium weapons to the state.

Jaish al-Islam terrorists also targeted on Friday evening the areas of Mazzeh 86, al-Rabweh, al-Umawiyeen Square, and Barzeh, claiming the lives of a woman and a child and injuring 21 others

The source said that the Syrian Arab Army units targeted Jaish al-Islam positions in Douma area in response to their mortar and rocket attacks, inflicting heavy losses upon the armed groups.

The source confirmed that the release of the abductees is one of the goals of the military operation against the positions of Jaish al-Islam in Douma, and that the military operation will not stop before liberating the abductees.

The implementation of the Douma Agreement started last Monday, as 2,963 terrorists from Jaish al-Isllam and their family members were allowed to leave to the city of Jarablos in three batches, in addition to the release of five abductees, before the agreement was put on hold as infighting intensified within the terrorist organization, then they attacked residential neighborhoods of Damascus and its surroundings today.

Golan Times
By: Suhad Alaawar


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