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From Argentina, Syrian expatriates visit Syria, tour tourist attractions

From Argentina, Syrian expatriates visit Syria, tour tourist attractions

A group of the Syrian expatriates in Argentina has visited Syria and toured the tourist attractions in it.

After the US-British-French tripartite aggression on Syria, the expatriates do not only condemned the aggression, but decided to come on a trip to their homeland, although some did not visit it at all.

The visit aimed to express the expatriates’ stand by their country and families, introduce Syria’s civilization to the world and to face the distorted ideas broadcast by the Western media outlets about it.

“After the American aggression, we decided that this is the time to visit the homeland and get a message of  love from Syria to the whole world ,” said Tamara Al-Li, the organizer of the trip, clarifying, that most members of the group are visiting Syria for the first time.

In Damascus, the expatriates toured Souk Al-Hamidiyah, (Al-Hamidiyah market), the most famous historical market, the Great Umayyad Mosque and Al-Azm Palace.

They also visited some of Syria’s historic and tourist cities, including the ancient cities of Maaloula and Sidnaya in the countryside of Damascus where they documented the most important churches there, then they moved to Yabroud and roamed the “Eskafta” and “Qarina” archaeological sites and a number of caves in addition to Sts. Constantine and Helen Cathedrals.

Al-Li said that the delegation also had stations in Wadi El-Nadara, Safita, Tartous and Lattakia cities, noting to the warm hospitality the expatriates received during their tours.

“ This visit will not be the last,” she said, adding that “there will be further  visits  for strengthening the social and national ties between expatriates and their families and relatives  in Syria.”

Golan Times

By :Suhad Alaawar

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