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People of Hasaka protest against Asayish members’ practices

People of Hasaka protest against Asayish members’ practices

Locals from the neighborhoods of Ghweiran and al-Nashwah al-Gharbieh in Hasaka city took to the streets to protest against the practices of members of Asayish, the military wing of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) who had kidnapped a number of young men and took them to unknown destination.

Local sources in al-Nashwah al-Garbieh said that the neighborhood is in a state of anger, as the locals intercepted a patrol affiliated to Asayish after it stormed a number of shops and houses on Friday night and kidnapped three young men from al-Zahrawi family.

The sources added that hundreds from al-Nashwah al-Gharbieh neighborhood protested against the practices of Asayish, set tires on fire, and intercepted Asayish patrols in the neighborhood and forced them to withdraw.

Asayish members tried to prevent the locals from protesting by setting up checkpoints in the neighborhood, the sources pointed out.

In a relevant incident, the locals of Smeihan village in Tel Barak district northeast of Hasaka city prevented Asayish members from breaking into the village, and forced them to flee.

Asayish members have been kidnapped young men in Hasaka province for ten days, establishing checkpoints in the main roads and raiding the houses in the villages that are far from city centers.

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By :Suhad Alaawar

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