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Tens of displaced families in Jebab’s temporary housing center await their return to their homes

Tens of displaced families in Jebab’s temporary housing center await their return to their homes

Scores of families who fled from the terrorists’ crimes in the western countryside of Daraa province and who are currently residing in Jebab temporary housing center 90 km north of Daraa city, will not have to remain there for a long time, as the final victory over terrorism and the declaration of Daraa province free of terrorism is close at hand.

Daraa Governorate, in cooperation with the Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development at the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, branches of Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), and the Syrian Family Planning Association all cooperate to provide services to 240 displaced family in Jebab temporary housing center.

The locals in the center confirmed their full support for the Syrian Arab Army until the province is fully liberated from terrorism.

Oum Louai, wife of Mohammed Ismael al-Amareen, who resides in Jebab center along with 3 family members with disabilities, said that all their needs are being provided at the center, hoping to return to Nawa city after clearing it from terrorism.

Ahmad al-Amareen, one of the family members with special needs, says that he is satisfied with the services provided by the staff at the center, as he and his brothers received all the equipment to help them move around, in addition to clothing and medicine.

Director of al-Sanamin area health department Dr. Abdulhamik al-Fallah said the center has a full medical and nursing staff working around the clock, providing all sorts of services including vaccines for children and care for pregnant women.

Bayan Qaddah from the SARC branch said that the branch provides food and various other requirements to the people staying at the center, including equipment for people with special needs.

Safaa al-Omori from the Daraa branch of the Syrian Family Planning Association said there is a mobile clinic which provides health services for nursing and pregnant women, as well as providing medical and pharmaceutical supplies and psychological support.

For his part, Riad Shetewi from Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development said that the department provides educational services and psychological support for the children residing in the center.

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By :Suhad Alaawar

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