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Syrian Army liberates more areas in Sweida Badiyah

Syrian Army liberates more areas in Sweida Badiyah


Syrian Arab Army’s units, in cooperation with the allied forces, achieved a new progress against Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in Sweida Badiyah (desert), tightening the noose around them in Tiloul al-Safa.

A correspondent said that the army units and the allied forces advanced in the northeastern direction in the depth of Sweida Badiyah and liberated Marqab Qabian, Hwiet Ghsein, al-Kaseera and Tel Abu Ghanem to the north and northwest of Tiloul al-Safa following heavy clashes with Daesh terrorists.

The correspondent added that the army’s new advance resulted in destroying fortified positions and depots for the terrorists, in parallel with pursing the terrorists fleeing.

The correspondent clarified that tightening the noose around the remnants of the terrorists positioned in the area which is of a rugged and complex nature, cutting their supplying routes and destroying their positions with the appropriate weapons is accelerating their defeat and increasing their losses, while the engineering units are combing the liberated areas and dismantling the IEDs and mines left behind by the terrorists.

Golan Times

By :Suhad Alaawar

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