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On the Syrian Press Day: Syrian journalists champions of truth and glory

On the Syrian Press Day: Syrian journalists champions of truth and glory

Together with the Syrian Army personnel on the frontlines, the Syrian journalists are true fighters sacrificing their lives to convey the truth and embody the meanings of love and loyalty for homeland.

Since the beginning of the terrorist war on Syria, the Syrian journalists have been ready to expose the lies propagated by hostile media with utmost professionalism and patriotism.

Terrorism has not deterred Syrian journalists from carrying out their work out of their national and professional duty, never flinching from risking their lives. Many of them were martyred in the line of duty for the dignity of the nation.

Ali Abbas, Ali Ahmed, Mohamed Salman Nasser, Yara Abbas, Shukiri Abu al-Bourghul, Mohamed al-Said are Syrian journalists who lost their lives serving their homeland. They will always be remembered as heroes. Some of them replaced the pen with a rifle and responded to the call of the homeland. Others fell martyrs when terror shells targeted their media institutions due to their insistence on conveying truth.

Syria today is triumphing over terrorism and its journalists are continuing their work to document victory and to show the world that it is rising from the ashes of war and ushering in the stage of rebuilding.

Golan Times

By :Suhad Alaawar

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