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Cabinet appoints team work to set up development strategy in Quneitra

Cabinet appoints team work to set up development strategy in Quneitra

The Cabinet held a session on Sunday chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis.

During the session, the Cabinet appointed an executive team work from the Ministries of Public Works and Housing, Local Administration and Environment, and Agriculture and Agrarian Reform tasked with setting up a strategy for agriculture, handicraft and human development in Quneitra province.

The Cabinet reviewed the procedures for facilitating the return of the displaced Syrians to their areas, stressing that the state is continuing to provide the areas liberated from terrorism with the basic services and ensure all the facilitations to the displaced in order to enable them to return to their homes and practice their normal life.

The Cabinet discussed a bill on preventing human smuggling and migrants protection, and agreed to submit it to the authorities concerned to complete the relevant procedures based on Syrian Arab Republic’s commitment to relevant conventions, mainly the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

The human smuggling became a global phenomenon which Syria suffered from a great deal during the crisis, said Justice Minister Hisham al-Sha’ar in a press statement following the meeting.

He added that the bill aims to protect the people who are used by certain criminal organizations which exploit their need to transport them to another country illegally.

Golan Times

By :Suhad Alaawar

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