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 Syrian Army tightens grip on Daesh remnants in al-Safa hills, Sweida

 Syrian Army tightens grip on Daesh remnants in al-Safa hills, Sweida

Units of the Syrian Arab Army continued advancing in the rocky cliffs on the western side of al-Safa hills in the depths of Sweida province’s eastern desert.

The local reporter said that army units carried out during the past few hours a new military operation against Daesh (ISIS) terrorists within the rocky cliffs of Sweida desert, expanding their control over the area after fierce clashes with terrorists who suffered heavy losses in ranks and equipment.

The army’s advance came in parallel with artillery and air strikes focused on the movement of terrorists, which resulted in the destruction of their fortified points and caves and killing a number of terrorists, including snipers.

The continuous military operations in the area contributed to tightening the grip on Daesh remnants amid a state of confusion and successive collapses in their ranks after the destruction of their defense lines, cutting off their supply routes, and thwarting their attempts to flee the area.

Golan Times

By :Suhad Alaawar

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