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More displaced Syrians return home from Lebanon

More displaced Syrians return home from Lebanon

A new batch of displaced Syrians on Thursday morning returned from the Lebanese territories via al-Dabbousyia border crossing in Homs Countryside while the bodies concerned had accomplished all required measures at al-Zamrani and Jdeidet Yabous crossings in Damascus Countryside to receive hundreds of the displaced later on the day.

News’s delegate to al-Dabbousyia crossing said that at 8:00 am, a new batch of the displaced arrived in the crossing coming from the Lebanese territories as the bodies concerned provided the required facilitations to them to be able to return to their homes and villages which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

Medical teams and staffs affiliated to Homs Health Directorate provided vaccines and health services to the displaced and their children upon arrival at the crossing.

In Damascus Countryside, News’s delegates to the border crossings of al-Zamrani and Jdeidet Yabous said that the bodies concerned had fulfilled all the required measures to receive hundreds of the displaced who return from Lebanon to transport them to their villages and towns which have been liberated from terrorism.

The delegates indicated that since the early morning, a number of Syrian buses passed through the two crossings heading for the Lebanese territories to transport hundreds of the displaced Syrians.

Golan Times

By :Suhad Alaawar

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