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Industrial zones and cities, leading investment destination

Industrial zones and cities, leading investment destination

Intensive efforts had been exerted and numerous procedures put in place by Ministry of Local Administration and Environment to give a strong push to the production process and help industrial zones  as well as industrialists restore their position in local and external markets.

Director of Industrial zones and cities, Ali Bilal, highlighted the attention paid by the Ministry to promote investment into industrial sector through a list of facilities, services, privileges and exemptions for those interested in investment opportunities.

Bilal noted that the investment revenues in industrial sector amounted to SYP 5.282 billion and the volume of annual investments reached SYP 103 billion, providing 6259 job opportunities, adding that some SYP 700 million has been allocated to rehabilitate terror-affected industrial areas, especially in Aleppo, Damascus Countryside and Homs.

He pointed out that 14,759 facilities resumed production in Aleppo province in parallel with studies to establish a 30-hectare industrial zone in Tal-kalakh city in Homs.

Golan Times

By :Suhad Alaawar

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