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Syrian and Iranian businessmen discuss industrial and commercial cooperation

Syrian and Iranian businessmen discuss industrial and commercial cooperation

A delegation of Syrian businessmen discussed on Monday with Iran Chamber of Cooperative and Iranian economists means to develop and enhance cooperation between Syria and Iran in industrial and commercial fields.

The discussions touched upon finding new mechanisms to remove obstacles facing investors from both sides, and informing Syrian investors about the Iranian companies’ capabilities and resources.

Member of Iran Chamber of Cooperative’s Board of Directors Mashallah Azimi affirmed the deep-rooted relations binding the two countries over four decades, asserting the readiness of the cooperative sector in Iran to contribute to the process of rebuilding the infrastructure in Syria.

Azimi indicated that the reconstruction process would revitalize the Syrian economy and provide more job opportunities, pointing out that Syria can take advantage of the opportunities and the great potential available to Iran, especially in the construction sector.

The delegation comprises 24 businessmen working in the fields of metal, food, plastics, cars, spare parts, tires, and construction industries, among others.

Golan Times

By :Suhad Alaawar

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