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New Coronavirus cases registered ,17patients recover, 3 pass away

Health Ministry announced on Friday that 68 new Coronavirus cases have been registered in Syria and that 17 patients have recovered while 3 others have passed away.

This brings the total number of Coronavirus cases in Syria to 3041, the toll of the  recovered to 698 and the death cases to 127 ones.

According to the Ministry the distribution of injuries and cases of recovery of deaths recorded on Friday 4 September 2020.

32 in Aleppo
29 in Damascus
3 in Homs
2 in Hama
1 in Latakia
1 in Qunitra

Death cases:
2 in Damascus
1 in Hama

recovery cases
4 in Damascus
3 in Latakia
3 in Homs
2 in Aleppo
2 in Hama
2 in the countryside of Damascus
1 in Swida
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