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Fires break out in Home and Tartous, firefighting and civil defense teams deal with it

A fire broke out in the lands of the village Habanamra in the western countryside of Homs, and firefighting teams are working to extinguish it.

A reporter said that efforts are continuing to extinguish the fire in the Karkar spring area in the eastern Safita countryside.

In the same context the fires continue in the mountainous areas in the Mashta al-Helou region in the eastern countryside of Tartous and in the mountainous areas in the countryside of Lattakia with strong winds and the absence of agricultural roads despite the efforts made by the firefighting teams, civil defense and the people.

Commander of the Tartous Fire Brigade said that the firefighting and civil defense teams are dealing with more than 50 fires in separate areas of Tartous Governorate today, including several huge fires, which disperse the efforts of the firefighting teams and constitute great difficulties in dealing with fires, especially with strong winds.
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