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Interior Minister, Moucharafieh discuss means to facilitate return of Syrian refugees

Minister of Interior, Major General Mohammad Khaled al-Rahmoun, has discussed with Dr. Ramzi Moucharafieh, Minister of Social Affairs and Tourism in the Lebanese caretaker government, and the accompanying delegation, ways to enhance cooperation for the return of all Syrian refugees to their homeland in a safe and easy way.

Minister al-Rahmoun affirmed the Ministry’s readiness to provide all facilitations to secure the return of refugees to their homeland, starting with receiving them at the border centers, providing transportation means for them, and obtaining personal documents for those missing from the border centers, and facilitating the registration of children born outside Syria.

He added that the facilitations include leaving the freedom of entry or return to the coming citizens who have certain procedures against them, and giving those who failed to join the military service a time limit to visit the recruitment divisions.

Moucharafieh, for his part, said that work is underway to overcome all obstacles facing the return of Syrian refugees and to strengthen joint cooperation in this regard, adding that efforts are continued to persuade the Western community to help refugees return to their motherland, Syria.
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