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Who is supervising the presidential elections?

The Supreme Constitutional Court supervises the election of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic and organizes its procedures according to the following:

1- The nomination application shall be submitted by the candidate himself or his legal representative to the court and recorded in a special register according to the sequence of his arrival, within a period of ten days from the day following the call for the election of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

2- The nomination application is not accepted unless the nomination applicant has written support for his candidacy from at least thirty-five members of the People’s Assembly, and none of these members may support more than one candidate for the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic.

3- The Supreme Constitutional Court undertakes the legal study of candidacy applications and decides on them within the five days following the expiry of the deadline for submitting them.
4- The Supreme Constitutional Court announces the names of those whose candidacy it has decided to accept.

Article 34 of Law 5 of 2014 – The General Election Law


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